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Where to Place Citrine Crystals in Your Home?

Citrine is a bright, sunny yellow variety of quartz that is said to emanate positive energy. This cheerful stone is popular among crystal enthusiasts who believe it can promote prosperity, success, and abundance. But where is the optimal spot to place citrine in your home to take full advantage of its energetic properties?

Sara Green, a certified crystal healer practicing in Los Angeles, suggests placing citrine near the front door or entryway of your home. “Citrine is all about welcoming in positive energy, so putting it near the entrance sets the tone. It’s basically inviting prosperity and good vibes to come flowing into your space,” she explains.

Green says to place a large citrine geode or cluster on a table or shelf near the door. “You walk past the citrine when entering your home and that first interaction with its vibrant hue really energizes you. It’s like a sunny hello each time you come home,” she describes. For extra impact, Green recommends combining citrine with other crystals associated with abundance like pyrite or green aventurine.

New York-based crystal expert Ryan Fields has a slightly different take. He believes the ideal spot for citrine is in the southeast corner of your home or office. “In feng shui and other Eastern spiritual practices, the southeast area governs family, health and abundance. Citrine’s energetic properties nurture those things, so putting it in that location amplifies the effect,” explains Fields.

Fields says to place several small citrine points or tumbled stones in a bowl or basket in the far southeast corner of the main living area. He also recommends decorating that area with other solar symbols like sunflowers, gold accents, and warm lighting. “Energetically activating the southeast really sets the foundation for prosperity. The citrine draws wealth and success to you magnetically,” describes Fields.

Both experts I spoke with emphasized the importance of cleansing and recharging citrine regularly. Green recommends doing this under the light of a full moon. Fields suggests smudging the citrine or leaving it in the smoke of sacred resins like frankincense or myrrh. Cleansing removes built-up energetic debris so the citrine can shine at full strength.

So next time you acquire some beautiful citrine stones or geodes, consider placing them near your entryway or in the southeast corner of your home. According to these crystal healing professionals, citrine in those strategic spots can help infuse your life with positive energy, success and wealth. Let the power of this radiant yellow stone fill your home with feelings of optimism and abundance.

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