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Enjoying the Holiday with PS Games and Christmas Candle

The holiday season is upon us again. For many, this means lots of traveling, big family gatherings, and busy schedules trying to fit everything in. However, this year my family has decided to have a more low-key Christmas at home. While we’ll miss seeing some extended family members, we are looking forward to a relaxing holiday without all the stress and chaos of travel.

One way we plan to enjoy our time at home is by playing PS games together. My brother just got a PS5 last month and has been eagerly waiting to dive into some new games over the holidays. On Christmas morning, we’ll take turns trying out the new racing and adventure games he got as gifts. Later, we’ll break out the classic PS1 games we grew up playing like Crash Bandicoot and Spyro. Playing games together not only entertains us, but also brings back great memories of childhood Christmases. It’s quality family bonding time that doesn’t require us to leave the house.

Another way I plan to make this Christmas at home extra cozy is by lighting seasonal candles throughout the house. I’ve gathered an assortment of cinnamon, pine, and vanilla scented candles that remind me of the holidays. Not only do they make the house smell amazing, the flickering lights add a beautiful ambiance. After a day of playing games, I’ll brew some hot apple cider and light the candles in the living room as I curl up to read a new book. The candles will also look lovely on the table when we gather for our Christmas dinner. It’s amazing how just a little candlelight can create such a warm, festive mood.

While I will miss some of our regular holiday gatherings, I’m excited to celebrate Christmas differently this year. Focusing on simple pleasures like games, candles, food, and most importantly, quality time with family, will make it a holiday to remember. Sometimes the most meaningful traditions develop when we strip away the elaborate plans and obligations. I hope we’ll start new traditions this year that we’ll want to continue for Christmases to come. At the end of the day, it’s not where you are, but who you’re with that matters most. This will be a Christmas at home I’ll always cherish.

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